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REFUGE - The Latest Album by RAY FAVOURITE


Refuge is a journey through the inner landscapes of our selves and our emotions fabrics. It was conceived, written and produced over a three year period, and the final record clocks in at well over an hour. 

Almost entirely instrumental, Refuge is a sci-fi oasis of inner thought and narrative, with a signature dash of the exotic and horrific to offset the bliss.

Take the journey with me and find your own Refuge.


Here are my first two solo albums, available to download now for absolutely no charge. They are the culmination of lots of years experimenting and learning about sound, writing, drama and texture. Some of these are going to get re-recorded soon now that I'm a better producer but I want these to remain as they are. I'll post gig dates on my blog and social media pages and as well as on my email list so please sign up if you'd like correspondence from me!. Thanks for your support and enjoy!

Ray Favourite

Martha's Vineyard (2014)
Ray Favourite
Don Juan Triumphant (2015)
Ray Favourite

This record is the first entirely electronic collection of songs I put together to kind of see if I could write music both directly to the computer and without using a single guitar throughout the whole process. The end result is something I'm very satisfied with: I intentionally went for an industrial, science fiction vibe and wanted a ton of atmosphere. The title 'Son of the Servant of the Wolf' comes from the Gaelic for my actual surname, McClelland. The McClelland clan is from Galloway is South West Scotland and the name means 'Son of the Servant of Fillan', which also means wolf. 

Son of the Servant of the Wolf (2016)
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