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Hello and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Ray and I'm a musician, artist and writer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I've been an artist my entire life, from early days of scribbling with crayons to pushing pixels around on Deluxe Paint III, through to making video art and oil paintings whilst studying Fine Art and Film at art school.

I've made music since I was 12, and my albums are available to stream online right now. I've composed music for an escape room (a BBC Dr Who adventure) and scored an award-winning short film. I'm always looking to do more!

Please have a wander around my site where you'll find links to all of my albums, some finished artwork, some works-in-progress art (including oil paintings and comics stuff) and some other bits and pieces dotted throughout.

I have a store with some art for sale, and you can contact me if you are interested in a commission, be it artwork or compositions. Thanks for visiting my site: you are a wonderful person and deserve to have a great day xx

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